CIR sets up dedicated investigative reporting desk

Image - Creative Commons

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) has set up a dedicated investigative reporting desk this week with a view to bringing out evidence-based, in-depth reports on issues of public importance.

The first of its kind in Sri Lanka, the independent investigative reporting desk will undertake both long-form and multimedia reporting to bring out stories that are hidden from the public produced by a group of skilled journalists and fresh talent.

Founded in 2019, CIR is a member of the Global Investigative Journalist Network (GIJN) and the island’s first dedicated center promoting excellence in investigative journalism in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

The new initiative will also create an opportunity for youth with a passion for mission- driven journalism to join CIR for a year-long, extensive training and content development program, specially designed to harness young talent. This program will be run by international award-winning senior editors and journalists trained in investigative reporting.

The center has run highly successful training initiatives both for Sri Lankan and South Asian journalists, covering a range of topics including investigative journalism, news literacy, fact-checking, media ethics, media law, environmental investigations, conflict sensitive reporting, RTI-based investigations, data journalism and digital safety. To promote greater interactions with experts and knowledge enhancement among journalists, the center has convened discussion forums on specific subjects.

In the past three years, CIR has extended its work beyond Sri Lanka to collaborate with other centers and media institutions in India, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan, fulfilling its role as a center with a regional focus.

Concerned citizens too will have an opportunity to engage with CIR by sharing any information on any issue of public importance that deserves to be probed. Please reach out to us at