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A webinar for journalists from #Bangladesh, #Nepal, #Pakistan and #SriLanka to create awareness on the impact and relevance of fact-checking in the age of disinformation

Getting one’s facts correct while reporting continues to be a challenge everywhere. South Asian journalists have to strive to tell the truth to their audiences while functioning in difficult working conditions and battling misinformation, disinformation and propaganda at the same time.

The stream of information is unending – with the rise in political, economic and social crises in the region, the spread and influence of disinformation continues to rise.

How can South Asian journalists promote news literacy within newsrooms and alternate platforms when disinformation being extremely swift and influential? What skills are needed to promote fact over fake, beat influence operations through verified information? Beyond the large-scale promotion of digital verification tools, what can the community of journalists do to protect content integrity?

To increase the understanding on information challenges and how to overcome them, a panel of experts will join a webinar specially designed for South Asian journalists and media persons help better understand to unpack the value of news literacy, digital tool-based fact-checking and how the application of new knowledge can improve professional work.

Center for Investigative Reporting Sri Lanka in collaboration with Media Unlimited Pakistan has organized “Factchecking and news literacy in the age of disinformation”, a webinar for journalists who are keen to navigate the difficult information landscape to be held on October 20, 2022.

The webinar series is supported by the Meta Journalism Project.

Registration is now open!

If you are a journalist from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. follow the link below and register for this unique opportunity.

Link for registration:

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