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CIR launches its latest initiative: Reporting for Change on Skilled Migration

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) is pleased to announce its latest training and in-depth reporting initiative, “Reporting for Change on Skilled Migration,” commencing May 1.

The program offers 60 journalists across Sri Lanka an opportunity to undergo training to better report on international labour migration and 50 % will become eligible for reporting fellowships.

With a population of over two million persons working abroad and a continuous outflow of workers each year, Sri Lanka continues to face multiple challenges despite a long history as a labour exporting country and an economy cushioned by foreign remittances.

Sri Lanka has taken efforts to increase the skills of those migrating for work, through guidance specially targeting first time migrants and returnees to develop the necessary skills to build safe and productive careers. Skilled migration reduces the many challenges workers encounter abroad and increase their ability to improve incomes, enjoy work safety and physical safety, to find more work options and secure sustainable employment.

Following Sri Lanka’s recent economic crisis, more Sri Lankans are interested in migrating for work, reflected in the high demand for passports since last year. There had been media reports on people resorting to unsafe methods to leave the shores as economic hardships increase at home. With people increasingly looking for opportunities abroad, it is important for Sri Lankan journalists to develop their understanding on safe labour migration and to report on the importance of how being skilled contributes to legal, economic, social, and physical safety of a worker.

This initiative will prepare journalists to undertake insightful and nuanced reporting to create awareness about safe and skilled migration. Journalists who submit the best pitches will receive a fellowship and mentoring from an eminent panel of senior journalists.

“Reporting For Change on Skilled Migration” is implemented by YouLead under Skilled and Resilient Migration Worker project, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.



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