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Innovate Your Newsroom in 2022

here is a reminder of some of the Meta Journalism Project-supported programs you can sign up for to improve your newsroom’s digital skills or assist with journalist safety. We also hope to inspire you with some of the most innovative and impactful success stories that news organizations had over the past year…


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  • CIR Facebook Foundation Training Program

Last year, we partnered with the Centre for Investigative Journalism to provide complimentary training to Sri Lankan journalist-trainers. Participants received training on the basic tools available on Facebook, including how to use Facebook Live to file video stories. The program offers modules on online safety, Page administration, and best practices for showcasing their reporting on the platform. Learn more about the CIR Facebook Foundation Training Program and how some journalists are now inspired to establish their own media business.

  • Introduction to Digital Journalism

The free e-learning Reuters Digital Journalism Course aims to support efforts to build stronger foundations in digital reporting and editing with modules that concentrate on digital news gathering, verification, social media publishing and wellness and resilience training.

  • Human Rights Defender Fund and Journalist Safety Initiative for Asia Pacific

The Human Rights Defender Fund and Journalist Safety Initiative is designed to support individuals who are targets of harassment, persecution and/or prosecution because of their activities in support of human rights. This is part of the commitment we made to protect human rights defenders and support for journalists, which includes a new online learning program with the International Center for Journalists and online safety 

resources specifically for at-risk journalists.

  • The Rory Peck Trust Resilience Program

Freelance journalists often face challenges accessing support without the safety net of an organization behind them. To aid this critical cohort, we announced a partnership with the Rory Peck Trust to launch the Resilience Program for freelance journalists

  • Safety Tips for Journalists

Learn how to protect your account and manage presence on Facebook.

image: Meta
  • Meta Journalism Project Global Accelerator Program

Our global Accelerator program works with local publishers as they build sustainable futures. Since 2018, we’ve helped generate almost $75M in customer lifetime value, with almost 365,000 new paying supporters and more than 3.8M new registered audience members for roughly 331 participating newsrooms. Read about the Accelerators and other great newsroom case studies on the Meta Journalism Project website.

Case studies: 2021 Best Practices from Our Partners

Learn from our partners across the region on how to optimise our tools and products for audience and revenue

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