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When all sides are equal, diverse and beautiful

Six different sides with representative colours and one correct combination to arrange them according to colours? That’s how the Rubik’s cube works, or does it?

Is that the only combination that can represent all of us who are unique, equal and diverse?

Giving it a new interpretation, Budshana Kalpuge a young illusionist shows how a few shuffles to the “Magic Cube” invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor in architecture Ernő Rubik, can solve the combination puzzle to convey a different idea.

Instead of seeing them as six different colours at all times, sometimes other combinations can be made to show that the six sides still remain equal –and colourful. When all sides are treated equally, the puzzle is easy to solve, interprets the young magician.

In a second act of illusion, Budshana shows how a handful of unrelated objects can be put together to create an unusual balancing act, demonstrating how diverse objects can create something impossible- the  same way we all can use diversity to achieve greats feats!

Budshana’s act of illusion was supported by UNDP Sri Lanka and the European Union.

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