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Years after the war, women are still left behind

When the war came to an end, there was an expectation that women will be able to pursue peace, secure their rights and seek justice. 

Many reasons keep women down in post-war Sri Lanka including the lack of inclusion, a safe environment that helps us move forward and economic stability in the former conflict zones.  When the socio-cultural context is not conducive, there is no space for women to make decisions on their own.  

“Some 12 years after the war,  our future is unclear and no change has taken place despite serious attempts to create awareness,” says Jeyavadhani Anton Roy, the senior project manager with the Social Activity Center in Jaffna.

Anton Roy was among the five guests who joined ‘Bharathy’ on DAN TV,  a special program designed to communicate via national television the impacts of violent extremism by highlight grassroot experiences.

She highlighted how women are still left behind and how demanding of sexual bribes and exploitation are preventing women from utilising the limited opportunities to move forward and resume life.

“Bharathy’ was conceptualised and designed by the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and telecast over Dan TV. The five-part discussion series looked at the prevalence of online hate and mis/disinformation and conflict through a gendered lens. This initiative was supported by UNDP Sri Lanka and the European Union.

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